Molokai High Athletics

As education grows with each student, so does the athletics in Molokai High. Friends of MHMM established an Endowment to directly support student athletes. This goes into helping with travel and other transportation needs, uniforms, equipment, and lodging. 

One of the main reasons for the formation of the Friends Foundation was the huge budget deficit the Athletic Department faced each year.  At the start of every academic year, before any athletic activities started, the athletic department faced a budget deficit in excess of $20,000.  When Molokai High School and Lanai High School merged with the Maui Interscholastic League (MIL), traveling off island for all athletic competition became a necessity and also a huge budgetary burden.  When the merger with the MIL was made, the initial state funding covered almost all of the travel expenses.  However, as the years went on and travel costs rose, state funding did not increase accordingly to meet budget shortfalls.  As a result, the athletic budget shortfall increased almost on a yearly basis.  The Friends Foundation has helped with funding for team travel; helped purchase equipment and uniforms; helped with lodging for student athletes; and has helped with the Athletic awards banquet.

Students learn the responsibility of travel and the act of teamwork on the field. With only one high school on the island of Molokai, student athletes travel to outer islands to compete. Costs are high to get off the island, but with Friends contributions every sport each year gets the opportunity. We have been able to bring relief to the school, students, and parents with the high costs. 

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