Molokai Middle School

Although the needs of Molokai Middle School are not quite as dynamic as Molokai High School, the Friends Foundation was still able to help with purchasing lumber and other material needed to construct outdoor tables to help meet Covid requirements.  Although we have not helped on a regular basis, the Friends Foundation did contribute to the Middle School award winning Robotic’s team; we helped with after school programs; and also provided food and snacks for summer school.


Molokai Middle School is ready to get the kids more active. With the help of a grant from Friends of Molokai High and Middle School, the middle school was able to purchase enough football helmets and gear to get tackle football up and running. With only two years at the middle school these kids with have the protection and equipment to learn and get ready for their football years at the high school.

  • Football Helmets

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Footballs

  • Football Girdles

  • Knee Pads


Mike Kahale is the football coach for Molokai High School and Staff Member at Molokai Middle School. He is involved in helping every kid get the opportunity to be their best and do what they love. Mike wrote a grant for the middle school and used our foundation non-profit as a pass through.  

Using Friends was the smoothest way possible to get help for the football gear. It is easy for the donor and the receiver.

Friends’ contributions is the push these programs need. Each donation counts and are incorporated into the students lives the best way possible. It is easier to work with the foundation for direct funding instead of going through the DOE.  It saves time.  Major donors prefer to donate funds to the Friends Foundation for projects they want to sponsor at the middle and high school.  The use of our non profit status has been the major source of help since our inception.

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