To enhance the quality of student life by providing competitive opportunities that strengthen a healthy & caring community


Funds donated to the Foundation that are not earmarked for specific program needs, are invested. Investments are low risk investments designed to keep investments working in perpetuity. Board investment policies and guidelines are adhered too to protect the integrity of board members.

Friends Endowment

Our Friends endowment was established in an effort to maintain the Foundation’s liquidity in perpetuity.  Investment income is used to support the mission of the Foundation.

Hui Pa’ani Athletic Fund

The Hui Pa’ani athletic fund was initiated with the sole purpose to support athletics at Molokai High School.  Investment income from the Hui Pa’ani athletic fund is earmarked for athletics.  With fund growth, investment income grows, investment income grows, our student athlete’s benefit.  Donations can be made to the Friends Foundation and earmarked for this Hui Pa’ani athletic fund.

Randy Kobayashi Fund

This fund was established in memory of well known principal and educator, Randy Kobayashi.  Income from this fund is to be used for general needs.  As an example of this, the Kobayashi fund has helped the Molokai High School Wrestling team and has purchased the power microscopes and slides for the new Science building.  Donations can be made to the Friends Foundation, earmarked for the Randy Kobayashi Fund.

Yola Meyer Forbes Fund

This fund was established by Dr. Owen Forbes, son of Yola Meyer Forbes.  Yola Meyer was born and raised on Molokai, educated at the Kamehameha Schools for Girls, and was one the first Kamehameha Schools for Girls alumni that graduated from College and earned her Doctorate in the field of Kinesiology.  After spending some time on the mainland, Yola returned to Molokai, got her law degree and finished her years as a lawyer helping the Molokai Community.  Income from this fund supports the annual Yola Meyer Forbes Scholarship.