Molokai High School provides many athletic opportunities with multiple sports and physical education/activities classes. The weight room has been a necessity to many student athletes. Friends of Molokai High and Middle created an improved environment with a huge contribution of $3,000, by passthrough, to new equipment for this weight room. 

  • Weight plates from 5 – 30 lB

  • Benches

  • Dumbbells and Stand

  • Bench press

  • ect.

Each of these new pieces of equipment are being used everyday by weight room/physical education classes. Students are able to have a healthy amount of movement throughout the school day and train to get ready for up coming sports.


Lee Deruin is the athletic director for Molokai High. He says…

Friends of Molokai High and Middle have always been a great support one that impacted students a lot was the help in purchasing new weight room equipment.

Teachers and students are beyond grateful for Friends and the fresh equipment they brought to the new school year.

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